Taking time out of our busy schedules is something we all need to do for ourselves and our families. It would be crazy to have kids at school for 50 weeks of the year – they would be burnt out. It would be even crazier for us not to take time out at some point to focus and enjoy what life is about before it is too late to realise.

You learn so much about yourself when travelling, everyone discovers who they are, what they are able to accomplish, what you believe in, what we desire and value the most.

“Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken” Frank Herbert

When you travel, try involving yourself into the culture and way of life, see how other people live, taste the local cuisine. Experience and challenges make us who we are and give us life skills and a newfound zest for life.

“You lose sight of things, and when you travel, everything balances out” –

Daranna Gidel

Don’t be afraid of what the world around us has to offer! Be curious, get out there and see or do something unfamiliar. Going on holiday and travelling is about being somewhere different, going to unfamiliar places, surrounding yourself with unfamiliar people, growing, and challenging yourself through uncomfortable situations.

When I was in Vietnam, we went to a restaurant that was actually for the support of an orphanage and the children preformed. I was overwhelmed and wanted to visit the orphanage so a couple of us got permission and visited the next day – The kids were amazing and very welcoming. They loved just playing ball and games, talking and socialising with us – it was one of the best experience and time I have ever had travelling.

People have been travelling for years for health. Greeks and Turkish visited hot spring and baths to boost their wellbeing .

In recent years, we now have holistic heath retreats around the world, but I

believe this is not the only way to travel for health.

A cycling trip (a change of scenery), a Spa Retreat or beach holiday (taking in a massage, lots of yummy tropical fruit) or a trekking holiday (a change of scenery) and a simple appreciation of things are all ways we can continue to take healthy escapes and look after our wellbeing.

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