A good friend of mine has just recently had her first baby and her number one question for me was “how do I still look good while being able to breastfeed?” as she found so many of the specific breastfeeding clothes so ‘mumsy’ . I thought this may also be helpful for a few other people out there too.

Now even if you aren’t breastfeeding, continue reading as there is still something in here for you.

One of the things I personally did while pregnant and feeding was to try and find items that were not necessarily designed for that purpose.

So… in light of that I have come up with my top 10 items I LOVE and that are feeding friendly!


1. SAVE – Off the Shoulder Top from Kmart $12AUD

2. SAVE – Nursing Dress $20.00 Kmart
3. SAVE – Feeding Tee from Kmart $12 AUD
4. SPLURGE – Lola Sleeveless shirt Dress From Jeans West $109.99
5. SAVE – Feeding Tee from Kmart $12 AUD
6. SPLURGE – Sleeveless Chambray Midi Dress from Max $119.99
7. SAVE – Twist Front Blouse from Glassons $39.99
8. SPLURGE – Piccadilly Tropical Paradise Breastfeeding Dress by Kalm Designs $225

9. SPLURGE – Linen Stripped Midi Dress from MAX $149.99
10. SAVE – Maya Chambray Shirt $29.00