Get your Wardrobe sorted for the silly season

One thing I hear the most is “I have so many clothes and I want to declutter but don’t know where to start.” so I have created this check list to help you sort through the chaos this silly season.

1. Does it fit? … simple yes or no… no if’s, no buts and no maybes its a yes or no question… if it doesn’t, does it hold any real sentimental value? (i.e your wedding dress) if no out it goes!

2.Does it flatter my figure? yes that tube dress might fit however if it makes you look like a rolled roast then it needs to go out that door. it in good condition? we all need those comfortable home clothes however we only need one or two tops, pants and sweaters everything else … you guessed it GOODBYE

4.Have you worn in in the past 18 months? if no the chances are that you will ever wear it again a slim to none so best to pass that baby on.

5. Do I feel good when i wear it? do you put it on and think “i’d totally do me right now” ? if so its a keeper!

6 Last but differently not least does it represent the me I want the world to see? Style is the one way to tell the world who you are without opening your mouth.

With these six tips on board, pull everything out of your wardrobe and get to work!
B x