My love of denim has been rekindled. I found a denim dress that opens for breastfeeding, and not being one to do things by halves-here’s my list of denim faves for this season.

Double Denim

This can be done in a most simple way and my favourite way to do this is mixing dark or coloured denim with light or white denim. If you are super brave you can mix a pair of medium coloured jeans with a light blue jacket or shirt.


Denim Jackets

Denim jackets only get better with age! My jacket is about 5yrs old and I wear most days. It is so versatile. I love to throw it on over a tunic or dress and I am transformed into looking like “I have my s*^# together,” casual yet stylish.

Denim-shirt dress

One of the main reasons I purchased my one originally was the fact that it unbuttoned and I was breastfeeding, however my love for the denim shirt dress has grown and grown. I love that i can wear it with a belt or tie around the waist and if i’m having a “fat day” I can just leave off the tie.

Jeans- every colour, every length!

I am a huge believer in if the style is comfortable and it suits you buy every colour available! Jeans can be dressed up or dressed down. Add a simple blazer and heels and it’s perfect for a meeting or casual Friday at work. And worn with flats and an oversized top is perfect for that “I woke up like this” look. You need jeans in every length too- the ankle grazers are perfect for me as I have super short legs. I just fold them over in summer for more of a 3/4 look.

Brooke Gibson