The term “Capsule wardrobe” has been thrown around for the last few years left, right and centre by the fashion media. However, it is far from a fad.

If you’re new to capsule wardrobes you probably have no idea what I’m referring to. So, here’s a quick description to get your started:

A capsule wardrobe is a minimalist wardrobe consisting of a pre-determined number of KEY pieces and VARIABLE pieces. Each piece is able to be interchanged to create several different outfits. The goal of a capsule wardrobe is to only have pieces in your wardrobe that you actually wear and as few pieces as possible. This keeps your wardrobe organized and saves you money.


“A limited amount of KEY quality pieces + a limited amount of trendy VARIABLE pieces = several outfit choices, less stress and more money in the bank.”




A key piece, also sometimes called a staple piece or a neutral piece is an item of clothing in your capsule wardrobe that generally never goes out of style. Neutral in colour, this piece is worn perfectly with almost any other item in your capsule wardrobe.  Black, grey, white, brown and beige are the common colours of key pieces – this could also include very plain and monochromatic patterns such as small polka dots and stripes. Key pieces should be timeless, look great on and will go with anything.



Variable items are brightly coloured or patterned and considered trendy. Think of a fashion style, colour or pattern that is trending or was trending in any season and any item from those categories would be a variable item.

These are the pieces that you will most likely replace each season – if you want. This is your paint and your key pieces are your canvas. Think replaceable, colour, crazy and cute patterns, ruffles, clever designs, graphic tees, textures, etc. – this is where you can pick the cute patterned shirt or the bright pink pants. Have fun with it and pick the items that most represent your style. Don’t break the bank for these. You don’t have to get quality pieces for your variable options. In fact, it’s probably smart not to spend too much money on these pieces because they’ll most likely be absolute next season



It’s super easy! Once you’ve designed your wardrobe and have all your key and variable pieces you’ll figure out all of the outfits you can make by mixing and matching all of your pieces. Take quick pictures of the combinations that you make and pin them to the inside of your closet door or keep them on your phone as a quick reference. Do the same thing when you find a new outfit combo that you like. You’ll be surprised how many outfits you can make out of few items of clothing.