Pixxie Boutique is a new busine8ss specialislogo1ing in elegant dresses that are designed for both pregnant and breastfeeding mummies.

While I was pregnant with my little girl Isla, I found a huge lack in beautiful dresses that would not only fit over my ever growing bump, but also look nice and be comfortable too.
Trying to find a nice dress to wear to a wedding was almost impossible. I already felt like a whale, I didn’t want to look like one too! Trying to fit into old dresses that just looked wrong, or scrolling through pages of maternity dresses online that just looked like sacks and cost a bomb, this is where I first found myself thinking about a new business venture!

Life got hectic when my little girl Isla arrived, and there wasn’t much time to think about new business ventures until I had to attend a wedding with Isla. As if taking a 3 month old baby to a wedding wasn’t hard enough. Having to pack the whole house up and travel up north, but actually attending looking half decent in my tired stressed out state. Not only that but then once again having to find a dress to wear. I ran into the same problems I had while I was pregnant. I still couldn’t fit into my pre pregnancy clothes and trying to find something I could discreetly breastfeed in was just impossible.

I found a dress that looked half decent and I could just squeeze back into, but trying to feed my little girl halfway through speeches without making a scene was fun! This is where I decided there was truly a lack of elegant dresses designed to be comfortable, affordable and still beautiful, and this is how it all began.

dressesPixxie Boutique now offers a range of thoughtfully designed dresses that cater for both pregnant and breastfeeding mummies. They’re not only comfortable and colourful, but affordable and elegant, and functional for nursing in. With plenty of stretch and room to fit those growing belly’s, clips or invisible zips to feed from, and different styles and colours to choose from, there’s something for every beautiful mummy!


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