It seems today that 1374932_10153447533124582_7560161389501834106_nphotographers are popping up left, right & centre.  In today’s market where the  ‘google-it’ types take over, it’s surprising there is still a demand for someone behind the lens.  Pippa Bourke spends the morning with Sarah Marshall Photography to find out why.

sarah-marshall-photography-8-of-152pm Tuesday afternoon and I’m busy trying to erase the background of a poorly lit selfie on Photoshop. I needed a 2 metre-high banner made for a last minute expo spot on Saturday, I had the software to create it myself- so off I went. Despite my extensive ‘Paint’ skills acquired in the early 2000‘s I still couldn’t get my hairline right. I looked like I was either bald or wearing a rather large 2 dimensional helmet. I called over a friend and asked if he could tell me one of his special computer geek ‘tricks’ Through tears of laughter, he managed to splutter- ‘I know a good photographer.’ I had used Sarah Marshall‘s photography skills before but I take a damn good selfie, so figured I didn’t need her services to capture my personality in print.

But I did as I was told and amazingly, Sarah not only fitted me in at 9am the next morning, but arranged a make-up artist too! Kasey George did the most incredible job, keeping a straight face as I balanced my takeaway coffee on my knee to put on her signature ‘cat ears’ headband. I felt like royalty, perched on a swivel chair while someone else did m makeup. I may or may not have even dozed off while she was doing my eyeshadow haha! Sarah’s personality meant that I was in fits of giggles the whole time. My VIP treatment didn’t stop there, we chilled out with a coffee – where I pulled the epic facial to your left. Then proceeded to photograpsarah-marshall-photography-11-of-15h yours truly in front of hot spots in Whangarei. Her reasoning was simple. While you need one photo now for your banner, we may as well get a whole range of different looks so you can have high resolution professional photos for any future advertising without having to call Sarah Marshall Photography at 2pm the day before. Sarah spoke about capturing the very essence of people’s personalities. I’d had photos taken before but it was the full laughter shots, the joking facials, and the weird little looks I do that really stood out to me in these photos. That afternoon Sarah personally delivered a USB with all my images on it, definitely not your standard procedure- but it was amazing that she can drop everything to help a customer in desperate need. I’m so grateful to Sarah Marshall Photography and Kasey George- MUA for making me beautiful! Check these two ladies out on FB @kaseygeorge-MUA and @sjmimages. P.S my banner design is in my editorial on page 1.

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