Adrenalin Adventures Await

The Adrenalin Adventure Park in Hikurangi officially opens on November 4. Creative Junction were invited along to check out what the site has to offer.
A million dollar property, over 40 tonnes of sand and vast amounts of entertainment- without a screen in sight. You could easily be forgiven for thinking this was the doing of a rich, overseas investor. In fact, the Adrenalin Adventure Park is the brainchild of three Hukerenui siblings and their enthusiastic parents.
The hype these guys have created on social media is huge. It seems like everyone wants ago in the giant, wipe-out style obstacle course.
“People have been begging for us to open sooner,” says 25-year- old Cody. “We didn’t really expect it to take off this quick before we’ve even opened!”

But the obstacle course is just the tip of the iceberg. The lake,and it’s pristine surroundings will also boast a cable-driven wakeboarding and waterskiing system, kayaking, paddle boarding and luxury ‘glamping’ for up to 60 people at a time.
The lake was formerly used by the Auckland Water Ski Club to practise for big competitions. The ramps and tyres to stop bank erosion are all still in place, although they’ll soon be replaced by more edgier jumps. The family hope to create New Zealand’s longest cable-driven wakeboarding track in its place.
On top of the Adrenalin-packed sports, there will also be team- building activities such as human foosball. A slice of kiwi-ingenuity inspired ‘Dad’ Roger, to build the life-sized version of the popular arcade game using bits of pipe run along steel poles.
The team have their sights set high. Plans for the future include a mountain bike trail, horse trekking, and a few more swimming spots.
“The land lends itself well to pretty much anything,” says Cody. “We really wanted to create a place where there was something for everyone in the family, that you don’t have to leave Northland for!”
Adrenalin Adventure Park opens on November 4. To date, the venue has been taking bookings for school camps, team building events and even weddings. Spots are booking up fast.

Opening Special rates
Blow Up Obstacle Park
$10 per hour
$25 per half day

$60 per couple per night
$10 per extra person per night
$6 under 10 yrs old
$0 under 2

Lake? What lake?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips. Where is this place? Why have I never heard of this?
They were the same questions that Cody and his siblings were asking when they rst spotted advertisements for the property.
The 12 hectare section boasted a huge fresh-water lake, sheltered from nearly every wind direction.
“Turns out it was actually a family friend who was selling the place,” says Cody. “He has been absolutely amazing!”
Security reasons prevent us from sharing the exact location of the lake just yet. It’s easy to see why. This paradise, located just 10 minutes North of Kamo, is secluded from all forms of civilisation. Towering trees and the natural hills that form around the venue mean that you would never know it was there.
So much so, that we actually got lost looking for it, that was after being held up by a herd of cows. That’s rural Northland for you though.

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