A 23-year-old AUT fashion student from Whangarei will launch her own fashion label this month.

Minnie-Mayd Clothing will launch on October 28. The label will feature one-off, unique pieces made from repurposed fabric.

Creator, Minnie-May Niha, is passionate about creating pieces that are both ethical and promote sustainability.

For as long as she can remember, Minnie-May has been tearing up any old clothes she could get her hands on.

“I just can’t believe how much fabric will go to waste,” says the 23-year-old. “It’s crazy how many people chuck fabric out that you can make anything out of.”

Minnie-May has been recognised as a finalist in The Pick:2017, a Northland business challenge co-ordinated by The Orchard Business and Events Hub.

She says it’s exciting to be recognised for something that was initially just a hobby.

“I’ve always had a passion for designing and creating clothes for myself,” she says “As a student I didn’t have much money for fabrics so I looked to second-hand shops for a cheaper option.”

When friends and family started requesting their own garments, Minnie-May started to think of her designs as a viable business option. She left her business degree to pursue a Bachelor of Design and the rest is history!

Minnie May says fashion design is more than drawing designs and creating them yourself.

“It’s a way of telling your story through your artwork…I work in a way where I don’t know what I’m making until I have the material in front of me. I look at the texture, colour, fabric then I figure out what I can do with that particular material.”

Minnie-Mayd Clothing will feature one-off, unique designs made from recycled fabric. The designs will be showcased as one of the stands in the InnoNative markets to be held later this month.

The InnoNative markets, sponsored by He Puna Marama Trust- will be an opportunity for Maori business owners and social enterprises to showcase their products and services.

The markets will be held along Reyburn Lane from 10am-2pm on October 28.

Registration for stall holders is still open, contact a.ruka@mokonz.co.nz. For more information visit www.facebook.com/innonativemarket .

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