Is your heating bill through the roof?  If your house is inadequately insulated, any heat generated could quite literally be going out the roof.  Patrick Kalin from Total Home Insulation is committed to getting Northlanders into warmer, healthier homes and save them money on heating bills.  “A fully insulated house requires about half of the heating cost of a non-insulated home,” he says.   Patrick first started Total Home Insulation three years ago.  “I wanted to branch out from the larger corporate I was with,” he says. “To offer more personalised solutions to customers.”  The company mainly specialise in fitting insulation in older homes.  “There has been an increase in this since tenancy standards have changed.”  New tenancy standards were released last year requiring all rental properties to have a minimum insulation level and a certificate of compliance to support new tenancies.  Landlords have until July 1 2019 to bring all properties up to this standard.    90 percent of installs are retro-fits says Patrick.   “We work alongside a lot of roofing companies as it’s a good idea to replace insulation when you’re re-roofing,”  Patrick says insulating your home is the smartest way to save money over winter.  “Insulating not only locks in the heat generated from fires and heat-pumps,” he says. “It also locks the warmth that your home gets from sunlight during the day.”  Drier homes mean less moisture and a healthier home for the whole family. During summer, insulating your home can keep cool air in.  Total Home Insulation choose the right product for each home ensuring it provides the best solution rather than alliance to one brand/supplier.    “The products we use are far more user friendly than the old PinkBatt’s fibreglass products.”  For more information visit




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