Royal Care –Self nurturing your finest asset …. YOU!

1 – Make is easy – Royal Care doesn’t have to be grand gestures it is really all the small things we include into our lives that enable us to bring our best game forward.

2 – Plan ahead – Planning ahead and having a few “must haves” into your week gives you a base line to work from.  This maybe as easy as knowing you need to have 3 walks every week to keep yourself sane!!

3 – Its not expensive!  – Often we think about self care as expensive while massages, fascials etc are great there are other things we can do daily to bring Joy into our worlds.  How are you breathing?  Finding your breathe pattern when you are in the car in between your jobs or in the shower can be a great way to bring yourself back  home.


4 – Time poor?   It doesn’t need to take up lots of time you can choose things that are time efficient such as including a body scrub during your shower or parking your car a little further from your destination to get that walk in.

5- Get back up – Don’t worry if you find yourself in a knot with no Royal Care to be seen, just start again!

6 – Make it for you – it can be easy to take on what other people are doing, but is it right for you?  Maybe you would benefit from meditation or with more catch up with friends to bring some balance back into your life.   Make it catered to your needs

7 – Expect Awesomeness – Once you start including more Royal care, you will find that you can respond to times of stress more easily and that calmness is something that you can regain more quickly.

8 – Role Model – A great motivation for including Royal Care is knowing that you are role modelling how to lead a happy life to your children, nieces, mum, friends etc… You may have others around you who need Royal Care what better way to help them then to show them how to be more self nurturing

9- Keep it Simple – ensure you have some Royal Care that is daily some that is weekly some monthly and some yearly.   Spreading it out can make the idea easy to implement.

10- No Regrets – You will never regret including more Royal Care and why not start today?  Why wouldn’t you?

Darlene Pearks

Natural Therapist – Devoted to promoting Royal Care.

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